Text by Tania Witte a.k.a. CayaTe

for Sands Murray-Wassink

Your past, you wrote,
was not much fun and
your parents still struggle with the fact that you hated
the city
the people
the surroundings and
all that saved you from freaking out were
the plains
the river
the music
the plains
the river and
The lines you wrote were crammed with pain and suffering
— undeniable very alive after all these years.
We are on a
"trans-amazonian road trip" and
we are excited because
you ended your letter with the words BRAVE YOU!
written in capitals.
We are excited because
of Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church of hate
Relaxation arises through laughter
high-spirited we decide to
drive straight to Westboro's headquarters
but already at the triangle of
McDonald's Wendy's Walmart
welcomes us.